We’ve had a number of enquiries recently about whether or not there will be any classes at this year’s Fibre-East. Unfortunately, we aren’t offering any classes in 2016. The main reason for this is that last year, we had to cancel all but one of the proposed classes we had arranged because of the lack of people booked on them; very disappointing for those who had signed up. Obviously we need classes to be financially viable, so a minimum number of participants is needed for classes to go ahead. Workshops are very expensive to put on, with travelling and accommodation expenses needed for tutors, as well as teaching costs. We have had some very successful classes in previous years with high profile tutors, some from the USA as well as home-grown tutors. (Poor Jan deserves a medal for fighting her way through all the red tape she had to deal with battling The Border Agency and The Home Office!)

classes at FE (4) classes at FE (1)

So we are asking you, our visitors, to tell us what you would like to see on offer in terms of classes. Are you interested in learning a new skill, or perhaps improving a particular aspect of your craft? Would you like a half-day workshop or a whole day one? Would you be interested in attending a workshop organised by Fibre-East but at a completely different time of the year? (We have held some very successful weaving workshops over the past couple of years outside of Fibre-East itself.) What kinds of workshops would you be interested in taking? How much would you be prepared to pay for a day or half day with a ‘top’ tutor?  Or perhaps you aren’t interested in workshops at all and prefer to  spend your time at the Marketplace. Whatever your views are, we would really like to hear from you. It will help us when we start thinking about Fibre-East 2017!

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As a little incentive to share your views with us, we will be picking one commenter at random to win a gorgeous skein of chunky yarn, kindly donated by the Halifax Mill; a beautiful skein of Charollais Cross, as pictured below! So please do let us know your thoughts. We do appreciate your comments. Thank you. (ETA You can leave your comments until midnight on Friday 17th June and a winner will be selected at random after that date.)

Charollais X Chunky Surprise