It’s Fibre-East Eve, and we are all about to get heady breathing in the fumes from all the gorgeous  yarn and fibre arriving here today. So how about a bit of silliness to get the day of to a flying start? Would you like to win some woolly treats? Daft question, of course you would! Read on to find out how!

Our erstwhile leader, Jan, is a bit of a human dynamo during Fibre-East and is often but a mere blur of pink as she dashes past in her hi-vis vest, on her way to sort out some problem or other. Now Jan was curious to know how far she actually walked over the five days that she was on site (three days of setting up and two days of the event itself), so we’ve issued her with a pedometer and we’re counting! It’s a shame that there’s not a location tracker on there too so we know exactly where she is the whole time (probably at the tea tent scoffing a Befordshire Clanger – only joking Jan!) She’s already had a technical crisis when she thought she’d ‘lost’ it; rumour was it had fallen down the toilet but with relief I can announce that it had simply got caught up in her knickers!!! Phew! Anyway, we will all ensure that fair play ensues and keep a note of the miles that Jan walks each day.

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning? Simple! Just leave a comment with your guess of the total mileage that Jan walks from this Wednesday to Sunday. The pedometer gives the daily mileage with the accuracy to one tenth of a mile, so you can do the same in your guess if you want. The person who makes the closest guess will win an assortment of (as yet unpurchased) woolly treats from this year’s Fibre-East! The competition will stay open until midnight on 7th August, so that gives you a little time to get your entry in.  In the event that there is more than one correct answer, winners will be put into a hat and one person selected at random. Good luck one and all!