We’re still catching our breath after this year’s Fibre-East weekend. The day jobs have taken over once more and loose ends from FE 2015 are gradually being tidied away.  It has been wonderful to get feedback from people who have attended –  both vendors and visitors alike. The one thing that comes across is how much people enjoyed being a part of Fibre-East. Time and again we have had lovely, lovely comments about the friendly atmosphere at the event, the feeling of space (yes, we’ve all been to those events where you struggle to actually get to look at the stands and move along the aisles at a snail’s pace!)  and a general thumbs up for the organisation. Jan and her team of volunteers worked tirelessly in the run up to the weekend itself, having to deal with last minute venue changes, heavy rain and roof leaks amongst other things to ensure that everyone had the best possible experience. Of course, there will always be things that we could do better, and we listen to feedback and try to put things in place for the next year. With that in mind, please tell us about your own Fibre-East experience. We’re aware of difficulties leaving a comment on the blog right now and our technical team are looking into it for us. So in the meanwhile, come and chat to us in the Fibre East group on Ravelry.

Fiona, our official photographer, has taken some fantastic pictures of some of you at Fibre-East this summer. It’s wonderful to see so many people of all ages there. Can you spot yourself anywhere?! Make yourself a cuppa, get a biscuit or two and enjoy looking through the photos.