Today has been pretty non-stop for us here at Fibre-East, with the first of the vendors – John  Arbon – arriving before 10 o’clock. He and Juliet were soon unloaded and the sports hall – Jacob – was filled with temptations of the woolly and fibrous kind! Surprisingly quickly, especially as so many of us stopped to have a snoop at what they’d brought, their stand took shape.

FE set up day 2016 (1) FE set up day 2016 (43)

This scene repeated itself throughout the day as a steady stream of vendors, many very weary after hideous traffic delays, arrived at Redborne Community College in Ampthill. Stands were constructed, tables covered, boxes shifted and yarn unpacked. Take a look at these photos to get a flavour of what’s been happening.

FE set up day 2016 (30) FE set up day 2016 (47)

FE set up day 2016 (77) FE set up day 2016 (80) FE set up day 2016 (71) FE set up day 2016 (28)

FE set up day 2016 (57) FE set up day 2016 (74) 

FE set up day 2016 (31) FE set up day 2016 (26)

Signs have been put up all around the school site to help you find your way around. This is Herdwick, the newest building in the school, where upstairs you can have a knit and natter with friends in our ‘Meet and Greet’ area. Our video podcasters will also have some space up here.

FE set up day 2016 (4)

We tested some rather cute sheepy balloons so keep your eyes open for these over the weekend!

FE set up day 2016 (25)

The Sheep signs are now in place outside each location. So exciting to see everything coming together!

FE set up day 2016 (49)

Some of our vendors found time to relax in the sun (yes, I did say sun!) once their stands were set up – here are Hans and Gerrie from Lowlands Legacy.

FE set up day 2016 (58)

Both Jan and Allison were rather taken by Jen’s Dorset Buttons from Beaker Buttons, and couldn’t wait for her to unload the car before pouncing!

FE set up day 2016 (64)

Everything is set for a fabulous weekend celebrating all that is wonderful about  British yarn and fibre. We are really excited about it and hope you are too! Doors open tomorrow at 10am tomorrow, tickets are £8 for adults and £3 for children. Don’t forget, if you bought advance tickets online, bring a copy of your Paypal receipt or have it ready to show on your phone. Only one more sleep! See you there!