You may remember seeing Immediate Media at this year’s event. They were based in the foyer and were offering great subscription deals on three of their publications – The Knitter, Simply Crochet and Simply Knitting. Perhaps you signed up for a subscription and have already read what I’m about to tell you! In the latest issue of Simply Knitting, there’s a short write up on Fibre-East 2016. The column features fun days out, craft shows and workshops. ‘We loved it … Fibre-East’, gives snippets of information about the two day fibre extravaganza and we are thrilled that they loved it!



A little later than promised, here’s a look back at some of the wonderful things that were at this year’s Fibre-East. There are hundreds of photos in the Flickr album so it’s impossible to show you everything. Take a look here, but make sure you have a cuppa and biscuits for sustenance!

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So many lovely, lovely things. I think it’s fair to say that we have a hugely talented group of vendors who want to share their beautiful crafts with you. More soon, including information on how Fibre-East supports groups and individuals with financial grants.